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FITNESS FUSION is a 30 minute class once a week held right here at the school. Our classes are high-energy, body moving, FUN classes that keep your little one active and engaged without him or her even realizing they are working out. 


Each week we will introduce your little Fitness Fanatic to different music and different styles of dance, while continually building on the choreography and age appropriate routines we have been learning so far.  We will not only dance and sweat each class, but will add lots of different fun activities while we do it...such as games, cultural exploration activities, and health and wellness elements, all designed to keep your little one active, learning, and having fun all at the same time!  To close off class every week we will do a yoga session to build body awareness and focus your little ones energy so they are ready to go back to class rejuvenated!


FITNESS FUSION by its design creates a culture of movement, activity, and fitness into the mindset of your little one.  Not only that, but our classes also are created to address key childhood development areas such as leadership, working as a team, respect, imagination, cultural sensitivity and awareness, balance, coordination and confidence!

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